The volume of grape exports from Peru increased by 13% and the value by 22%


The 2021/2022 Peruvian grape export campaign, which runs from September to March, ended with good results, said Luis Corvera, CEO of FreshFruit Peru. During this campaign, the department exported 531,069 tons of grapes for 1,373 million dollars, or 13% more in volume and 22% more in value than during the previous campaign.

Currently, grapes have consolidated as the main product of the Peruvian agro-export basket, with a share of 15%, followed by blueberries with 14% and avocado with 13%; elevating Peru to the top of the list of grape suppliers with 11% of global participation, surpassing China and Chile.

Campaign Dynamics
Despite larger volumes of grapes produced, the start of the 2021/2022 export campaign was slow. In September 2021, Peru shipped 4,521 tons of grapes for $10 million, a volume and value similar to 2020. During this period, Peruvian companies have chosen to control their shipments to Europe and the States States, so as not to coincide with the closure of the campaigns in the northern hemisphere (California, Italy and Spain). Thus, they avoided negatively impacting market prices during the first months of the season.

Between October and November, Peruvian exports increased by 19% in volume and 23% in value, reaching 151,601 tons for 393 million dollars. During these months, Peru was able to place more fruit without affecting prices. The Peruvian grape has been well received as demand from major destinations has increased, due to the economic recovery, and major suppliers from the southern hemisphere -Chile, South Africa and Australia- have been unable to meet it.

From December to March (end of campaign), shipments totaled 374,947 tons for 71 million dollars. Compared to the same period of the 2020/2021 campaign, exports increased by 11% in volume and 21% in value. Peruvian exporting companies achieved their best profits in these months, as there was a significant increase in Chinese and American demand (main destinations) which could not be satisfied by Chile (the most important competitor during these months).

Main destinations
The United States was the main destination for Peruvian grapes, representing 42% of the total exported with 224,303 tons (+14%) and 597 million dollars (+22%). It was followed by the Netherlands which bought 79,136 tons of grapes (+6%) for 174 million dollars (+14%), representing a share of 15%.

China ranked third with 66.977 tons (+23%), $77 million (+25%) and a share of 13%.

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