Presidents of Peru and Ecuador reaffirm their commitment to bilateral integration | News | ANDEAN


on Friday reaffirmed their commitment to continue working for bilateral integration on the basis of a common program aimed at ensuring the well-being and development of the populations of the two nations, especially those residing in the border area.

During the inauguration of the 14th Ecuador-Peru Presidential Meeting and the Binational Cabinet in the Ecuadorian city of Loja, Mr. Castillo stressed that this event testifies to the high level of relations between the two countries.

“This occasion is a clear example of the excellent level of our bilateral relations, which shows the consolidation of this mechanism as the highest forum for political and diplomatic dialogue that began many years ago,” the president said.

The Head of State stressed that this meeting will prioritize issues common to both governments, such as the frontal fight against crime, drug trafficking, inequalities, poverty and other common enemy scourges of Peru and the country. ‘Ecuador.

Likewise, the senior official stressed the historical ties uniting the two countries and the importance of facing current challenges together.

In this sense, Mr. Castillo thanked the Ecuadorian government for the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines last year to immunize the Peruvian population in the common border area.

“Thank you very much for this gesture,” he said.

In addition, the Head of State said he hoped that the various specialized sectors of the two countries would maintain the will to work for the most needy people.

“We hope that the technical teams on both sides will always be ready to meet the major needs of our brothers and sisters,” he noted.

“Thank you, my dear president, I need and want to see you there soon,” he said at the end of his speech.


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