President of Peru: This will be the quinquennium of education | News | ANDEAN


affirmed on Monday that it will be the quinquennium of education, adding that ministers of state will visit the Peruvian regions to inspect the infrastructure of educational institutions.

“We are going to grant a budget to the education sector. How many contemporaries’ dreams have been frustrated not to have education services nearby, not to have (received) primary and secondary education), or to have the possibility of accessing university very far from them,” said Mr. Castillo.

“If education had been declared a state of emergency 200 years ago, we wouldn’t have this type of society facing major educational infrastructure problems,” he said after pointing out that he will make every effort to ensure that teachers once again become the second fathers of the country.

Likewise, the Head of State stressed the need to treat children well in the classrooms, as well as through the efforts of their authorities: mayors, aldermen, governors, legislators and ministers.

“And to treat them well is to provide them with education services (…)”, he added.

The senior official commended the efforts of the Reconstruction Authority with Changes and reminded citizens that there are an average of 70 schools delivered and serving in the Lambayeque region of northern Peru.

Nationally, there are 630 completed and 500 under construction.

According to the president, classrooms must be open without distinctions based on surnames or economic situation.

“We were taught that whenever a provincial or rural government comes (to power) they want to watch it carefully; from the beginning they opted for discrimination; we have to put an end to this in the country,” did he declare.

In addition, the senior official mentioned that the government’s debt to the people in the case of the reconstruction of schools amounts to 111 billion shillings (about 29.72 billion US dollars), while the social debt to teachers amounts to 33 billion shillings (about 29.72 billion US dollars). $8.84 billion).
“Far from thinking about anything else, we must think about settling the country’s internal debt so that people can have water, health and education (services)”, he underlined.

Remarks were made after participating in the delivery of new infrastructure for the school of initial education Virgen de la Luz in Chiclayo. The new rooms will improve the quality of education for its 120 students.



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