Peruvian Prime Minister: Congress has already resolved the issue of the Constituent Assembly by suspending the bill | News | ANDEAN


Congress has already resolved this issue and expressed its decision on the matter.

“We will see what the population does, but we have complied with a mandate from the population, expressed during the Councils of decentralized ministers,” he added.

During his speech at the closing of the last session held in Nazca, the Chief of Staff said that following this decision by Parliament, “we continue to face political instability, which is what those who have do that”.

“That’s what monopolies and oligopolies want,” Torres said.

“They are the ones who agree with contract laws, which favor only the most powerful in Peru; those who agree that the crisis, which has existed in the administration of justice for many decades, remains unresolved “, he pointed out.

The senior official also considered that those who oppose a Constituent Assembly prefer to maintain the compulsory character of the vote, as well as a Parliament composed of a single chamber, in which there is no periodic renewal by thirds.

Also addressing Congress, he called on lawmakers to vote on the bill introduced by the executive branch to unblock the execution of various public works.

social market economy

Moreover, the Prime Minister judged it “nonsense” to affirm that the current Government is authoritarian and totalitarian.

“There is not the slightest sign that we are heading towards this model,” he said.

Finally, Torres said that the social market economy rules in Peru. In this sense, he denied that a planned economy is enforced from the state or via Marxist-Leninist policies.



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