Peru. The president excludes any irregular act in a master’s thesis | News | ANDEAN


Wednesday spoke about the information published by a press article on allegedly copied parts contained in the master’s thesis he presented more than 10 years ago at the Cesar Vallejo University.

In a statement, the head of state denied the accusations made by the aforementioned report, based on software claiming to have copied the information, which he described as “malicious”.

“I deny any irregular act. The thesis work was validated according to the respective educational quality standards. The research was based on a referent and was supported in the presence of the members of a qualification jury who then awarded the corresponding diploma”, he underlined.

The thesis paper presented by a television news magazine – he warned – lacks legitimacy because it has no record or stamp that confirms that it is official.

“This complaint has a political tone and is part of a destabilization plan,” Castillo said.

“I have not copied or attributed authorship (to myself) to third parties, because they are irresponsibly trying to make people believe,” he added.

The senior official expressed concern that freedom of the press and of expression lends itself to private and undemocratic interests, constructing journalistic narratives with the aim of generating political instability for the government and, therefore, for governance. from the country.

“Some media insist on tarnishing my honor and undermining the legitimacy that the Peruvian people gave me in a transparent and democratic election approved by national and international organizations. The conspiracy of certain power groups and putschist sectors is deplorable”, did he declare.

According to him, journalistic practices outside of objectivity, truth and ethics are reminiscent of the dark period of journalism in the 90s when media editorial lines, as well as psychosocial journalistic coverage, were negotiated.


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