Peru: The government approves the creation of a technical working group to deal with the food crisis | News | ANDEAN


Peru’s Culture Minister Alejandro Salas reported on Friday that, in an extraordinary session, the Council of Ministers had approved the creation of a technical working group to deal with the food crisis and the purchase of ‘fertilizer.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is evaluating the efforts of the international community for the purchase of fertilizers in order to find a solution”, remarked the government official as he left the Government Palace.

According to Salas, the Ministry of Agrarian Development and the Ministry of Economy and Finance are working to find a solution in August, when the harvest season begins.

Furthermore, Minister Salas underlined that the Ministerial Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Anibal Torres, is strong and working to meet the demands of the country.

“Prime Minister Anibal Torres is working very hard to provide solutions to the country’s problems; he runs a cabinet that he leads and which remains strong,” he said.

In this regard, the head of the culture sector said that the Congress of the Republic censures or interrogates a member of the Cabinet every week, which, according to him, creates a waste of time for the executive branch.

“If they (legislators) think that’s the way to exercise power, we are fine with accepting it within the constitutional framework of the separation of powers (…)”, underlined the top responsible.

“These situations, in a way, waste the executive’s time that it should devote to finding solutions to the country’s problems,” he added.


Published: 06/03/2022


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