Peru. Promotion of private investment and macroeconomic stability are government objectives | News | ANDEAN


During a meeting with CEOs and vice presidents of major American companies in Los Angeles on Thursday,

affirmed that Peru is one of the economies that has the strongest macroeconomic indicators in the region and will continue to maintain them so.

“The conviction to maintain macroeconomic stability and stimulate private investment is the priority objective of the government of President Castillo,” said the official.

“Particularly because with the generation of investments, incomes and formal jobs are created; (investment becomes) the main mechanism for closing social gaps, in the education and health sectors, reducing the levels of inequality that exist in the different regions of our country. is only achieved with investor confidence,” he added.

Minister Graham indicated that the economy, following the great vaccination effort undertaken to ensure the health of the population, shows the revival of various economic activities.

Likewise, the official reminded participants that the Peruvian economy is expected to grow by 3.6% in 2022, with a low level of public debt. In addition, on the path to reducing the budget deficit, fiscal rules resume to reach 1% in 2026.

“President Castillo’s commitment is to manage the economy responsibly. This year we are facing negative effects due to the increase in international prices. Nevertheless, the increase in the price of copper allows us to generate income in order to mitigate the impacts on the most vulnerable sectors of the population,” he explained.

In addition, the minister stressed that the government of President Castillo is convinced that private investment is the great engine of growth.

“The most sustained and important way to generate well-being in the population is through the creation of formal jobs. This is an offer, of course, within the framework of respect for regulations, respect for the ownership, and this is a commitment mentioned by the president,” he pointed out.

Minister Graham affirmed that Peru is also working on improving the competitiveness agenda as the objective is to become more competitive by diversifying growth sectors above all.

He added that Peru stands out today for the growth of mining and agro-exporting activities. In this sense, he said, Peru has achieved leadership in terms of various products in the world.

Moreover, it is linked to the main economic blocs. In fact, almost 82% of the global GPD has an FTA connection with Peru, which is an open door not only for investment, but also for access to other markets through it.

“Peru ensures, as President Castillo mentioned and emphasized, respect for property and respect for the rule of law – as we say in English – within the framework, of course, of respect for international regulations, of the environment and, obviously, of the rights of all the stakeholders involved in the production process,” he concluded.



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