Peru is leading one of the widest COVID-19 vaccination processes in Latin America | News


Peru continues one of the most advanced vaccination processes against COVID-19 in Latin America,


The Cabinet member stressed that although the health crisis has left lessons and new challenges to prevent future pandemics, it is important that new global reflections work on strengthening a new international health instrument that guarantees the universal access to health without discrimination.

In this sense, the minister said that Peru is convinced that a new international instrument must have as its main pillar the principle of equity, which allows to guarantee universal access to other medical measures such as vaccines without discrimination. nor privileges.

“And that it addresses issues related to research and development, intellectual property, technology transfer, as well as the expansion of local and regional manufacturing capacity against medical measures during the emergency” , he added.

Regarding the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which has had global repercussions, the head of the Peruvian government stressed the importance of living in a world of peace to fight against adversities such as, for example, the serious health crisis.

The Cabinet member said that it is not possible to provide public health programs that guarantee the well-being of people in a society where there is no peace.

Finally, Lopez reiterated Peru’s commitment to constructively support efforts to strengthen global, regional and national capacities to prepare for and respond to health measures and future pandemics.

“The global crisis, such as the one we are currently facing, requires local responses. Peru is convinced that the strengthening of rules-based multilateralism is essential to face global challenges that call into question the protection of human rights. man, access to health, as well as the maintenance of health and safety”, he underlined.

The Ministry of Health reminds citizens that the World Health Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the WHO. It is attended by delegations from its 194 member states.

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