Peru: Fruit and Vegetable Exports Surpass US $ 2.8 Billion in H1 2021 | News | ANDEAN


topped US $ 2,801 billion between January and July 2021, an increase of 26% over the same period last year, the

reported on Saturday.

In this sense, the trend for both sectors is good.

Last year, global fruit imports reached US $ 138 billion (an increase of US $ 3 billion from 2019) and those of vegetables totaled US $ 75 billion (an increase of US $ 2 billion US compared to 2019).

Thus, the guild believes that measures should be promoted in order to strengthen the various production chains that ensure Peru’s position as a reliable supplier.


ADEX reported that fruit exports (including fresh, frozen, canned and dried fruit) amounted to US $ 2.321 billion through July 2021.

In this context, the products that stood out were avocados (US $ 925 million), grapes (US $ 538 million), mangoes (US $ 346 million), mandarins (US $ 167 million) and blueberries.

During the period analyzed, the United States was the main destination for Peruvian fruit exports (US $ 681 million), thus accounting for 29% of total sales. Next come the Netherlands ($ 581 million), Spain, Chile, United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Canada and Russia.


Vegetables, for their part, stood at US $ 480 million through July this year, up 15.1 percent.

The products that stood out were asparagus (US $ 260 million), artichokes (US $ 58 million), ginger (US $ 43 million), onions (US $ 33 million) and olives ( US $ 23 million).

In this regard, Peru’s main markets were the United States ($ 235 million), Spain ($ 61 million), the Netherlands ($ 33 ​​million), France ($ 19 million) and the UK, among others.

Note that in 2020 the United States and Germany were the world’s main importers of fruits and vegetables.



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