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09:57 | Cusco (Cusco region), June 23.

As a responsibility not only to the city but also to Peru, as well as to national and foreign tourists, Cusco celebrates its jubilee with joy, enthusiasm and color, but also with great caution, given that the health emergency COVID-19 is still ongoing. effect.

By doing so, he said, the tourism and economic recovery process is revitalized to reach pre-pandemic levels in the future.

“We have been hit by the economic crisis for two years, but despite this, I believe that human effort always prevails,” the municipal authority said in an interview with the Andina news agency.

He pointed out that the jubilee is once again celebrated with colors, joy, as well as the typical enthusiasm of Cusco and its inhabitants.

The Mayor pointed out that the organization of these festivities at this time involves certain restrictions and security measures as the COVID-19 health emergency is still in effect, noting that we must find a way out and move forward.

“Perhaps we have excesses and difficulties, but despite this, we are delighted to ensure the best conditions to welcome tourists,” he said.

Medina pointed out that people were expecting tomorrow’s parade and Inti Raymi ceremony at the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Complex on Friday, adding that everything took place in a calm atmosphere.


Published: 06/23/2022


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