Motion to condemn Russian operation in Ukraine fails in Peru


The motion was presented by the head of the Foreign Relations Commission of the Congress of the Republic, Ernesto Bustamante, who called for condemnation of what he called a “serious and flagrant violation of the general principles of international law”.

Bustamante thus contradicted his earlier view that his country, due to the importance of relations with Russia, should remain neutral in the conflict.

The motion received support from right-wing congressmen and rejection from the ruling party caucus, Peru Libre (PL) and other lawmakers.

PL lawmaker Bernardo Quito told Prensa Latina that he opposes the motion because political and economic interests are at stake in the dispute, which Peru should not support, as it must maintain neutrality in the dispute. .

He also pointed out that those who condemn Russia’s action hide that Ukrainian fascist groups, in 2014, committed a massacre to impose a government hostile to Russia and pro-Western.

He added that since then, the autonomous Ukrainian territories of Russian culture have been the victims of constant aggression by the official military forces, with a death toll of 14,000, without the United States, the United Nations and the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) do nothing. on this subject.

Quito also criticized the Western and Peruvian press, which “applauds the reprisals of the United States and its allies against Russia”, without demanding the same attitude towards Israel, which keeps the Palestinian territories occupied and continually attacks this people.

“There have also been no sanctions or condemnations from the United States for the massacres committed against the peoples of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya,” he recalled.

The anti-Russian motion finally received 54 votes for, 23 against and 26 abstentions and was not approved for lack of the majority of votes of the members of Congress present, ie 68 out of 125 participants.



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