‘Manco Capac’ selected as Oscar nominee from Peru


The Peruvian Ministry of Culture has announced that “Manco Capac”, a film recorded by Bono directed by Henri Vallejo Torres, has been selected as a nomination for the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards.

The feature film has been selected By a voting system carried out by an independent commissionIt is made up of representatives of the country’s film unions and associations.

However, The film will be considered among the international nominationsThey are seeking a nomination for Best International Feature Film at the 94th Academy Awards. Nominated films will be announced on February 8, 2022.

Manco Cápac was first seen in Peru during the official competition of the 24th Lima Film Festival where he received the award for best actor.

So far it has been selected in more than 10 international festivals such as the Tokyo Liftoff Festival (Japan), the Street Street Gorilla Festival (London), the International Migration Film Festival (Switzerland), the Latin American Film Festival in La Plata (Argentina) and Between September 27 and October 3, he will be part of the Focus Peru section of the Latin American Film Festival of Biarritz (France)As part of the activities that make Peruvian cinema the guest of honor of the said festival, celebrating its bicentenary on a national scale.

In the same way In 2020, the film won the “Best Peruvian Film”, “Best Actor” and “Best Screenplay” awards from APRECI (Peruvian Film Press Association), In addition to having been awarded “Best Peruvian Film of 2020” by the Luces Awards for the newspaper El Comercio.

“Manco Capac” Tell the story of the Spaniards. The young man arrived too late in the town of Bono to meet his friend Hermogenes, Who do I work with. Homeless and broke, living on precarious odd jobs, in a city its loneliness worsens at every turn. Constant stillness in your walk can lead you to a better destination.

Culture Minister Ciro Galvez praised Manco Capac’s recognition, which represents a large window on the world of Peruvian audiovisual production.

In addition to, He said his sector would support more film projects in indigenous or indigenous regions and languages.

The Ministry of Culture was able to increase resources in the audiovisual sector, Also put in place measures for its development throughout the national territory. He pointed out that thanks to this, products from different parts of the country were produced.

“Manco Cápac” benefited from economic incentives from the Ministry of Culture to screen exclusive feature films for the regions of the country in 2014, for distribution in 2020 and international promotion in 2021.

This is the second time that Puno has been chosen as a Peruvian actor for the Oscars, The first was “Wiñaypacha” (2018) by Oscar Katakura.

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Publication date: 25/09/2021


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