Download Optimal A1, A2, B1, Wortschatz-Audiotrainer and Fertigkeitstrainer Optimal A1 leads to level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference and prepares the student for Lehrerhandbuch PDF, LehreCD, Testheft PDF. Buy Optimal: Lehrerhandbuch A1 MIT CD-Rom by (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Home > IBIS INVENTORY – BOOKS > Optimal A1 Lehrerhandbuch mit CD ROM ( Teachers Book). Optimal A1 Lehrerhandbuch mit CD ROM (Teachers Book).

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The workbook contains an answer key. It has reviews at the end of each chapter and a glossary at the end of the book. This listening component reinforces student learning in addition to the print resource.

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Some exercises require Real Player. The text is appealing and the layout is uncluttered. The instructional materials lehrerhabdbuch in German. Oral texts deal with concise, up-to-date cultural information of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

An answer key is provided. Word cards to promote vocabulary development are included in the workbook. The series demonstrates sound second language teaching pedagogy with a gradual progression of teaching and learning materials with consideration of students’ interest and proficiency level. The textbook is written entirely in German, including the instructions for students. The workbooks contain a wealth of illustrations. It begins with the conjugation of sein and progresses through topics such as present tense, negation, accusative and dative, past tense, subordinate clauses and future tense.

The Sprachbuch is a collection of short stories, dialogues and factual information. A tape supporting Liederheft 1 is also available. The cassettes contain listening exercises to enhance listening comprehension skills. About 20 words are illustrated for each theme.


Best resources to brush up on my German?

Das neue Deutschmobil 1 – Lehrwerk fur Kinder is a comprehensive resource package that addresses the outcomes of the program of studies for grades 4 and 5. Find free pdf, doc, ppt, swf, also ebook and video.

Of the controller happens with a single demonstration of the optimal grip position. The chapters are thematic and include a grammar summary, a vocabulary section and an index. The dictionary lists important spelling rules.

First, words belonging to one lexical field are introduced, then an English translation and explanation is given. Illustrations are appealing and generally not too crowded.

Download Optimal A1, A2, B1, Wortschatz-Audiotrainer and Fertigkeitstrainer

Personally, I would contact the Goethe Institute. It contains long reading selections. The level of the activities is progressively more difficult; i. In addition to the printed list, you may wish to consult the Authorized Resources Database at http: The folder is 3-hole punched, making it suitable for placement in a binder.

The student textbook contains 15 short and varied units of interest to young people and three “plateau” chapters for review. The cost of resources is subject to change without notice.

This resource addresses many of the curricular outcomes in the language and culture programs of study. Textbook themes include greetings, food, family, leisure, geography, school, superstitions, friends, planning, clothes, at home, time, chores and animals. Specific grammar concepts covered are present perfect, conjunctive and comparatives. The CDs relate to material in the textbook only, not the workbook. Textbook themes are presented within the context of German-speaking regions: Instructions and discussion are in English.

Teachers could encourage students to compare their activities with Jacob’s as shown in the video. Four Components For the purposes of the program of studies, communicative competence is represented by four interrelated and interdependent components. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Der Schlussel zur Deutschen Sprache: The Listening Exercises CD contains listening exercises to complement the print resource, Dreimal Deutsch, and to enhance listening comprehension.


The teacher guide provides educational philosophy, teaching suggestions, lesson structures, songs, games and a concepts chart. The resource package represents the second level of a three-part series. This comprehensive resource package includes a student storybook, workbook, a teacher book, an audio CD and colour transparencies. This resource is a series of mystery stories, graded into three levels.

Kinder aus vielen Landern begrulien sich cases, Ein wohner suffixes ; Bandwurmworter kriechen nicht compound words ; Verstecken, suchen, finden 2-way prepositions ; Furalle Falle Falle cases ; Kapitel 5 possessive pronouns ; Kapitel 6 adjective endings ; zum Zirkus und Zoo strong verbs ; Wird die Treppe gespullt?

The teacher’s manual contains the entire student text in smaller format, surrounded by teaching suggestions. The learning objectives of the resource are based on the assessment syllabus developed by the Goethe Institute, which is tied to the council of Europe levels.

A three-to-five page summary of the chapter helps students reflect on their progress.

The appendix contains teaching suggestions. When the easier worksheet has been satisfactorily completed, the more difficult one, practising the same skill, can be assigned. It consists of a student textbook; a student workbook; audio materials on either CD or audiocassette containing texts and dialogues, listening comprehension exercises and songs; a teacher resource manual; a test booklet; and a vocabulary booklet.

It contains sentence starters that invite students to write about themselves, their personal preferences, their families, their favourite holidays and more. It may be used as a basic German teaching resource.