Justice Min of Peru: The country’s interest must prevail in the decision concerning the body of Abimael Guzman | News | ANDEAN


Justice and Human Rights Minister Anibal Torres said on Monday that the country’s interest should prevail in the prosecution’s decision regarding the corpse of the leader of the Shining Path terrorist organization, Abimael Guzman Reinoso.

According to the minister, the final destination of Guzman’s remains will be decided by the public prosecutor in accordance with the general health law, which provides that they must be handed over to a relative. However, he believes that the case should be analyzed carefully, as it involves a terrorist leader.

“We asked the prosecution to carefully analyze the case, not only taking into account the literal interpretation of the law but also other aspects, such as public interest, common interest and order. public, ”Torres commented.

“On the one hand, it is the interest of his supporters; on the other, it is the interest of the entire country, which must prevail, ”he added.

The government official affirmed that this event constitutes a very special and extraordinary situation, given that Abimael Guzman is “a genocide”, which cannot be buried like the rest of the people, in order to prevent his supporters from paying a tribute.

In light of this situation, he said, the decision should be based on the interpretation of the law in accordance with the Constitution and a rule in the Civil Code, which states that any act contrary to public order is no.

In addition, the cabinet member affirmed that the executive power cannot intervene in the decisions of the prosecution, which acts on the basis of its autonomy.

Remarks were made this morning in an interview with the radio and television station RPP.

Posted: 09/13/2021


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