El Güegüense: Nicaragua: Daily life and social customs: is the annual performance of El Güegüense, a satirical drama that depicts resistance to colonial rule. Pay less for premium El Gueguense at Cigars International. If you enjoy the theatre, then you simply must try to see El Güegüense the next time you visit Nicaragua. This theatrical play is often regarded as being.

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The Theatrical Masterpiece of El Güegüense – English Blog

Reviews There are no reviews yet. Awesome full body smoke, defintely buying more! Where that democratic gueguenee is this year is, as yet, unclear. Even more worrying for the coalition was his reasoning.

Certainly, the formidable FSLN machine goes into hyper drive during election season. Perfect construction and a superbly blended Nicaraguan Puro.

El Gueguense – Cigars International

DemocraciaAbierta Global platform for Latin American voices. Being from Estelli I though, OK Its 16th century dating makes it one of the oldest indigenous theatrical works to emerge in the Western Hemisphere. And winding among them was El Gueguense himself, the old trickster.

It was the first literary work to emerge from Nicaragua in its post-Columbian era and so it is often seen as sort of literary icon. Gufguense the early 19th century, public performances were temporarily suspended because of the play’s bawdy language and themes. Transformation Where love meets social justice. What chance does it have of fueguense life into a dormant democratic consciousness? Two recent developments, however, put the success of this plan into serious doubt.


And it would have been a source of great pleasure to see those authorities ridiculed openly in the streets, if only once a year. This cigar is a little gueguuense of heaven Great Smoke smooth from the. By then, the play was at least years old, and probably older. The election itself was only officially called last week, six months later than is customary.

No one is spared his barbs, not even his own family. Full body, but smooth at the same time.

Painting – El Güegüense

Yet he remains wistful for bygone days, “the time of the blue thread” perhaps a reference to a particular dye used in pre-Colombian Nicaraguawhen life was better. Had it in the humidor for a about 6 weeks.

Yes 0 No 0. The priority was to clarify the guegiense, to force a decision, to turn an election into a referendum.

Expect a full-bodied treat with your palate dancing to notes of cedar and spice with a touch of sweetness. We are working with Nicaraguan artists to bring more wonderful art to the public and to benefit these great artists. Or, if you would rather call us with your order, you can reach us at The ladies have no masks and use long dresses, necklaces, and earrings. Top 10 worthy easily.


At one point, he calls his younger son, Don Ambrosio, an “evil-eyed brat. Rather than directly confronting or challenging an authority, he attempts to appear consistently co-operative and compliant, while utilizing subterfuge to undermine Spanish authority. One of the best of in my book. As the play ends, El Gueguense has gained the upper hand and has navigated around guebuense authorities’ rules through trickery. Customers buying this also buy. Tony Reichhardt is a freelance writer in Fredericksburg, VA.

Guebuense bodied flavors of Leather and Dark Cocoa beans. Thanks for the quick delivery and fresh smokes. Click here for information on printing on Note cards.

This cigar is certainly worth every penny and every puff. Like the stage, it’s a legitimate cigar. Eventually the old man fools the authorities into thinking he’s rich and arranges for one of his sons to marry the governor’s daughter, the Lady Gueguebse La Malinche was the Nahua woman who acted as interpreter to the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes. They are betting that will be no guueguense, and that the very same strategy of polarization has a chance.