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Christopher Gonzales talks about the Peruvian team and its presence in Saudi Arabia. , Photo: Getty Images

In recent months, the environment of Peru national team It was a period of revolutions and bitterness due to various events. It was a playoff loss to Australia that ruled them out of the Qatar 2022 World Cup and Ricardo Gareca’s departure after failing to reach an agreement to renew a contract with the FPF. just, Christopher Gonzales He spoke about those issues and was excited to hold out hope in a position to qualify for the 2026 World Cup.

“The feeling of being able to go to the World Cup is priceless. We must not lose faith, the illusion remains intact. We all have this thorn because of what happened in the last game (Australia). We are thirsty for revenge. you have to aim for this goal‘, ‘Kanchita’ said in an interview for the Depore newspaper.

In fact, this match against “Soccaros” was the last match for “Tiger”, who could not continue his relationship with “Biklar” after the latter had controversial negotiations with the national football governing body. In any case, the midfielder recognized the work of the Argentinian DT during the seven years he was at the helm of the national cast.

Christopher Gonzales replaced Yoshimar Yotun, but he failed in Peru against Australia. , Photo: FPF

“With Ricardo, we had a sporting identity. It changed the way we think, Chip, to compete with any level of team. Players from Peru and across the nation are grateful. It made us dream,” he said.

With the departure of ‘Fleco’, the FPF, led by Agustin Lozano, was able to specify the pursuit of Juan Carlos Oblitas and replace him as general director of football. In this line, one of his first tasks was the selection of a new coach, eventually choosing Juan Reynoso, about whom Gonzales had words.

“I congratulate you on being the new coach of the national team. I wish you a lot of success. He will be the coach who analyzes the moments of each player, “said the one who made 38 appearances with Peru, where he was able to score 2 goals.

It is worth noting that Christopher has been regularly called up in ‘Red and White’ after his good performances at Sporting Crystal. However, the footballer himself revealed that the main architect of his level was Roberto Mosquera, his last strategist in the “Celeste” unit.

,The best was with Christopher Gonzales, Professor Roberto Mosquera. I wish him good luck. We always have things to do to improve ourselves. As soon as I reached the club, he pushed me. It has always been clear to me. I kiss him, I wish him all the best for the teacher and all his coaching staff,” he said.

Christopher Gonzales played three and a half seasons at Sporting Crystal.  , Photo: sports crystal

Christopher Gonzales played three and a half seasons at Sporting Crystal. , Photo: sports crystal

His outstanding performances have not only seen him supported by Gareka but also courted by foreign clubs. To be precise, this year he has scored 7 goals and made 1 assist in 12 games, numbers that led to the decision to sign him. Al-Adalah of Saudi Arabiawhich has already been included.

“The welcome from all my teammates and coaching staff has been the best. Also, I have South American colleagues, so the adaptation is on the right track. For now, we have played friendly matches with European teams, but they have been intense, strong, so it has helped us a lot to stay in a good footballing rhythm,” he added.

Without a doubt, this is a radical change for a country with a second language and a different culture. However, the presence of other players selected were André Carrillo, Christian Cueva and Recently Alex Valera You will need to make your customization easy. “Kanchita” hopes to face them and have a good campaign.

“No doubt they will be a great game,” he said. Keep in mind that the Saudi Professional League has become increasingly powerful. Every club has players from abroad, and of course we will face each other already,” he remarked.


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