Ben and Mahogany share a hot kiss in never-before-seen Peru video


90 Day Fiancé couple Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca are launching a YouTube channel together, where they show a video of them having romantic dates in Peru.

Ancient 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days Couple Ben Rathbun and Mahogany can be seen enjoying a romantic date at the beach in a never-before-seen video from Peru. Ben, 52, found his future partner in 22-year-old Mahogany, who he initially thought was 24. Ben and Mahogany spent 115 days chatting before deciding to go to Peru to meet her on 90 day fiance. While Mahogany has spoken about starting a family with Ben, she’s also been careful not to give him any personal details. For starters, Mahogany refused to video call him, hid his real age and address from him, and also kept asking Ben not to come to Peru.


Even though Ben flew to his country, Mahogany the ghost tricked fans into thinking she was a catfish. The use of filters on Instagram and Facebook also did not help his case. When she finally met Ben, her interaction with him was awkward. Mahogany could speak English fluently, while Ben insisted she didn’t know the language and continued to use a translator. 90 day fiance The Mahogany star wanted his parents to give him permission to meet Ben. She didn’t want to recognize Ben as her boyfriend even when she was with his friends. When Ben started questioning her about her weird behavior and her secrets, she reversed it and blamed him for not being honest with her. Mahogany seemed afraid of Ben every time he wanted to kiss or hug her.

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While Mahogany kissed Ben during one of their interactions, she pulled away from him in the season finale. Yet during the Tell-All, Ben claimed that he returned to Peru to meet Mahogany and this time around they got back together. On an unlisted video of Ben and Mahogany’s YouTube channelwhich has since been deleted from Reddit user u/constaleah‘s account), the pair let fans see glimpses of that trip. The video starts with 90 day fiance former pastor Ben leaving Detroit to travel to Peru to get “some answers” mahogany. Ben talked about how everyone tells him mahogany is “too young“but it’s too late since he”can’t live without it.“Mahogany met Ben at San Bartolo beach and what followed was the pair went on dates at a Peruvian restaurant, a cave and a beach, where they shared a steamy kiss.

According to Ben’s confession during the 90 day fiance Tell-all, Mahogany was much more comfortable with him on his second visit to Peru, as he didn’t have a film crew with him. The same mahogany who showed his distrust of Ben on TLC was now smiling and happy around him as they frolicked on the beach. At one point, 90 day fiance fans thought Ben and Mahogany were actors, or a fake couple, due to their lack of on-screen chemistry. But this video tells a different story. “Oh I love you so much“, Mahogany says to Ben as she kisses him and he kisses her back lovingly. The video also includes a scene from the Tell-All where Ben and Mahogany are in a park.”In a year we’ll be back here in this park as husband and wife‘, Ben says to the camera, and Mahogany reaches out to kiss him.

Funnily enough, although they now have a joint YouTube channel, Ben and Mahogany refuse to say if they are currently a couple. They also hinted that they were engaged or married, but plan to make more videos to tell the truth to 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days the viewers. However, Ben and Mahogany’s controversial relationship could guarantee them a spot in the next season of B90 or on another 90 day fiance spin-off, assuming they’re still together. The YouTube channel has fans calling out Ben and Mahogany for being influencer hunters, but it seems like they’re enjoying every moment of the attention they’re getting.

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