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The Andina News Agency celebrates the 41st anniversary of its creation, confirming its leadership in news coverage on state-led activities, political issues, the country’s economic performance, outstanding Peruvians abroad, as well a range of information intended for both nationals and foreign audiences.

The expression “if the information is provided by Andina, it means that it is confirmed and official” has supported the credibility of Andina since June 12, 1981, the date of its creation, under the second mandate of the former President Fernando Belaunde Terry.

Since then, the press agency has continued to evolve. Its experience, from its beginnings in the era of cable, teleprinter and fax, has been consolidated in an environment marked by immediacy and real-time coverage of current events.

“Andina is a reliable and diverse media outlet. It provides reliable information, and this is known by the media – domestic and foreign – who access the website every day, as well as citizens who go directly to the site,” said General d’Andina. Editor Rodolfo Espinal remarked.

In the midst of a lot of fake news, people are now looking for official and real information, and Andina has always respected this practice, which was consolidated during the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During these 41 years, Andina has never stopped covering national news events, even during the first months of the pandemic, when leaving home was associated with a high risk of contagion or death, because COVID-19 vaccines were not yet available.

Under strict health measures, photographers have been constantly capturing the changes the country is experiencing, which faces one of the worst restrictions on social mobility in a bid to protect the population.

Thus, journalists and editors transformed their homes into newsrooms without affecting the precision required by their work.


Posted: 6/12/2022


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